Ted Amberg

Mastermind Huddle

Understanding how to differentiate yourself in this industry without being the “low price leader” can be a challenge. A very small group of companies truly understand how to get ahead, make serious money, and enjoy the freedoms of taking time off during the busy season. It’s what everybody wants, but few can achieve.

The reality is that most people in this industry will never surpass the $400,000 -$500,000 per year mark. In fact, the average annual income for a rental company is around $150,000, and most feel they can’t find the window to get to the next level and reach their goals.

The companies who have made the investment and stuck with it have grown exponentially. Many have seen 7 figure incomes in a short amount of time. They made an investment and as a result, they have grown their businesses and put solid teams around them. It’s the main reason they now have protected territories where there cannot be any other Inner Circle customers.

Now, a new program has emerged. The Mastermind Huddle is like having your own peer advisory board. It will only be available in select states and regions, and it will be limited to just SIX per group. These groups will have bi-weekly phone sessions where Ted will lead a discussion on a new topic each week. In addition, three members will have the spotlight each call, where the group will help solve their most pressing issues. Mastermind Members will re-energize their batteries, brainstorm new marketing concepts, and tackle the challenges most of us face alone. It will truly be a no-holds-barred experience that will lead to growth and prosperity.


This package includes a 90 minute video conference call, 2 times per month (typically Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday) focusing on one main topic.

Each call will include a round robin discussion, as well as individual solutions to the biggest problems/challenges of the week. (5 minutes each). Also, three members will be in the spotlight where the group will brainstorm ideas and work on an extended plan for them and their business (15 minutes each).

This package also includes:

  • An exclusive area “protection” – No other members of the group will be from the same market, allowing open discussions of ideas and strategies.
  • A private Mastermind Facebook page for open discussion and ideas.
  • Discounted member rates for Bootcamps, Event Underground, Software, and Courses/Books

Mastermind Huddle

Learn from the best, dominate the rest.
$ 397 Monthly
  • Bi-weekly group brainstorming sessions
  • Area protection: no competitors in your region allowed!
  • Personalized solutions for your largest business challenges