Ted Amberg

Inflatable Bootcamp

Inflatable Boot Camp is an intensive two day program with Ted that focuses on setting clients apart from the competition by improving marketing, promotions, and customer service practices.

Prior to Ted’s arrival, there will be an in-depth assessment of the company’s current standings, practices, goals, and competition. This assessment will give Ted a better understanding of the obstacles the company may face and help him to create a plan tailored to their specific needs.

Ted is particular about who he chooses to work with. Clients must have developed a decent business, be willing to put in work, and most of all, be open to new ideas. Although many of his suggestions may seem unconventional and the goals may seem difficult to reach, the results can be huge! This bootcamp is designed to stretch you, not break you. It will require work and patience, but Ted offers creative positioning strategies and outside-of-the-box marketing and PR campaigns that have been proven to work all over the country.

Inflatable Boot Camp generally takes 2 full days (9am-5pm). Many clients have asked for an extension, because ideas were flowing and amazing results were being created. This investment is $2,750 plus travel, meal and lodging expenses. This will include a free six month membership to the Event Underground group, where Ted and a group of likeminded individuals discuss new ideas and strategies year-round.

This is an investment. Most people will say it’s not the right time. Don’t be most people. Most people don’t have a growing, industry-leading company. If you see the potential in your company and want help tapping into it, make now the right time. Make the call.

Inflatable Bootcamp

2 butt-kicking days of growth
$ $2,750 *Plus travel expenses
  • Intensive 2-day workshop
  • Includes a tailored marketing plan to help grow your business
  • Comes with a FREE 6-month Event Underground membership