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Donald Trump Has One Thing Correct…

With all of the political turmoil going on around us, I’m not about to get into a political debate here. Instead, I’ll refer to the line that helped make him (more) famous….”You’re Fired!” Yep, it’s a line that he seemed to take a lot of enjoyment from, as he fired the least performing person each […]

What Kind of “Car” is Your Business Driving?

I love analogies. I think they can paint a clear picture of what message someone is trying to covey, and this article will be full of them! When driving down the highway I find it fun to car watch. There are so many different kinds of cars on the road. Some are sporty and sleek, […]

In Life, There is No “Easy Button”

You’ve probably seen the commercials. People sitting in offices complaining about some office chore or task that is too stressful or too time consuming. Eventually, somebody suggests using the “easy button” and bam, the problem is magically solved. That was easy. Staples has done very well with their campaign and their goal of convincing people […]

What Rocky, Ali and Tyson Can Teach You About Leadership, Business, and Life

One of my personal favorite sports is boxing. Many may look at this sport as nothing more than large thugs pounding each other in the ring until one of them is knocked out cold. In reality, it is a highly disciplined sport that requires the upmost physical conditioning, mental calculations, timing and patience. That’s why […]