Ted Amberg

About Ted

Ted Amberg got his start in the entertainment industry at the young age of 14 when he started performing magic at private events. Between his early years and college years, Ted developed a unique form of marketing that helped him catapult above his competition and he began to get work nationally and internationally. He created his own line of magic products that were sold in over 40 countries around the globe. He also lectured to groups of magicians all over the country. This was all before the age of 21. 

Seeing the poten
tial for growth, Ted created Amberg Entertainment, a company specializing in booking performers for corporate parties. The company quickly grew to success and led Ted to write his first book, The Secret Agents Life. Suddenly, Ted found himself speaking to other professionals at marketing workshops around the country, helping them generate new income by creating their own booking agencies.

Soon after, Ted expanded on Amberg Entertainment, adding inflatable games, casino nights, catering, and more. His new turn-key entertainment concepts began to grow exponentially. Having conquered the magic world, Ted set his sights on building a national brand of entertainment booking agencies.

During the next 12 years, Ted and his team created just that; a hugely successful company that routinely orchestrates events in 22 states. The company received the Small Business of the Year award, was selected a “
best place to work” two years running and grew over 500% in revenues over a few short years. Ted created a line of inflatables that were sold worldwide, developed a software program that over 200 entertainment companies across the country run their businesses with, and his company has received national spotlights running events for the World Series, national corporate tours, and even been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Good Morning America. Ted is also the go-to source for news outlets such as CNN for industry related stories.

Ted recently released The Unfair Advantage, which is an inside look on the path that led him to building a multi-million dollar events company and the strategies he used to be successful.

Ted has written several industry books and courses that have generated rave reviews. You can follow his marketing blog at